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JPG to WEBP Online (FAQ)

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How do I convert an JPG to WebP online?

  • Open bgtool.org in a browser.
  • Navigate to JPG to WEBP converter page
  • Either drag and drop and choose files to convert.It can be eiither (jpg,jpeg,bmp,png)
  • Enter the Quality percentage. By default it is 80%
  • Click in "Upload and Convert Images" button
  • Download the Convertered Images as Zip file

Why convert JPG to WebP?

The following are some benefits of converting JPG to WebP:
Reduced File Sizes: WebP often offers more effective compression than JPG, which reduces file sizes. This is especially helpful for apps and websites where it's important to minimise page load times.
Better Quality: WebP images frequently retain visual quality that is comparable to or superior than JPG photos in spite of their reduced file sizes. This implies that you can increase loading speeds without compromising the quality of the images.
Support for Transparency: WebP offers support for transparency in addition to lossy and lossless compression. Compared to JPG, which does not offer transparency, this enables more flexible options for producing images.
Browser Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and most other contemporary web browsers support WebP. Using WebP pictures will guarantee wider compatibility.

Is WebP good for SEO?

Yes, WebP has a number of advantages for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):
Faster Page Loading: While keeping a similar visual quality, WebP images sometimes have less file sizes than JPEG or PNG images. Because quicker-loading pages typically rank better in search engine results, smaller file sizes result in faster page loading times, which is an important SEO consideration.
Better User Experience: By decreasing bounce rates and raising engagement, faster-loading webpages improve user experience. A website that loads quickly has a higher chance of keeping users on it, which can result in lower bounce rates and possibly higher ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Mobile Optimisation: Because WebP images have smaller file sizes, they are especially useful for mobile optimisation. With the growing popularity of mobile

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